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Why expertise is the most critical component of any ERP.

Have you ever purchased something, unpacked it, and said, “I know how to work this” – then promptly thrown away the instructions? That happened to me just the other week with a new vacuum cleaner. I tossed those instructions without even glancing their way… how hard can a vacuum be to operate? Well, I was barely able to get through putting the thing together before I was digging through the garbage can searching for that pamphlet full of much-needed instructions.

This little parable illustrates an important concept of any ERP software solution: expertise and training are absolutely key to building a fully functional, efficient business ERP system. Some companies choose to implement ERP software and don’t bother with the consulting and training services experts can offer. But much like I learned with my new vacuum instructions, expertise is crucial to getting your money’s worth from something new.

Experts Have Experience

ERP integration is a complicated process, and involving experts with years of experience in the field is one of the best decisions a business can ever make. Experts are invaluable, and they can help a company fully understand the scope of the software, often configuring the software to meet the expected functionality. But ultimately, businesses that involve both technicians and ERP consultants often find the most success. Involving someone who has a long history of successfully implementing ERP systems can open up whole new avenues in use and return. That experience is so crucial because every business is different. Your business needs will not be the same as someone else’s – guaranteed. A consultant can help you understand how ERP can bring successful returns to your business, in your unique situation.

Experts Can Provide Training

Everyone who has been through a similar situation to my vacuum story will know how important training is when confronted with something new, no matter if it is hardware (like my vacuum) or a software solution. Experts, like the team at Kissinger, know their solutions inside and out. They know how they work, what makes them special, and how to really get the most out of the solution’s features. Foregoing a comprehensive implementation, training, and support plans, from seasoned experts, puts businesses at a disadvantage, as they must muddle through it themselves making mistakes all along the way.

Experts Know Best Practices

ERP experts aren’t just familiar with the software, they are also familiar with the business practices that surround the use of ERP systems. And that is where a business may, in fact, find the most “bang for their buck” in an ERP consultant. Implementing a new ERP system often means reshaping the way a business’s operations are done, and new processes must be developed as part of that reshaping. ERP consultants draw on their experience of solving complex business challenges with a winning combination of process and technology. They also have a breadth of knowledge on the policies and procedures currently being used by other companies.

There is a massive list of reasons to use ERP experts (ERP selection, ERP implementation, ERP support, ERP training, etc.). The few listed here are important, but also consider asking around among other business to understand their experience with ERP experts and consultants. Teams like the one here at Kissinger can be the difference maker in finding real success.

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