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Forge a more profitable manufacturing business
Command complete control your manufacturing environment while driving business growth.

Your Challenge

Increasingly complex supply chains and customer expectations
In a rapidly changing environment, how can you grow your manufacturing business, control costs, and increase profitability? What happens if your supplier’s shipment has been delayed? What if supply costs increase without warning or quality changes? Without a fast, accurate solution to manage your business, you may not be able to avoid production downtime or completely meet customer expectations.

With our help


Satisfy more customers

Respond faster to shifting customer demands and improve the management of fluctuations in purchasing, production, and shipping. Accelerate responses to inquiries and requests with accurate product costing and pricing.

Guarantee consistent quality

Minimize the risk and scope of a recall by ensuring the consistent quality of your products while maintaining the flexibility to act on any opportunity. Always meet or exceed the high standards of your customers, and adapt to compliance requirements.

Keep costs under control

Gain control over work order details and deeper insights into your production costs to know where savings—and profits—can be made.

End poor decision-making

Get detailed insight into your business at the perfect time. Manufacturers who lack complete, accurate, and up-to-the-minute data face significant challenges to making timely decisions. Our solutions allow you to raise above these challenges.

Suggested Solutions

Not your typical ERP. When it’s time for your business to move beyond simple accounting software, you can count on a Kissinger amd Sage 100c. Unite your company so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

The go-to Cloud ERP. Powerful business finance software – simple enough for small shops and comprehensive enough for complex multi-nationals – that can support your needs today and in the future.

Real Customers. Real Results.

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