EDI Automation Saves

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EDI process automation may be the crucial edge that companies need to succeed in a dynamic and evolving market. Maximizing automation offers a host of benefits – here’s our top three:  

Time Saving

Data entry is a drag. The data that many businesses currently process manually sucks away precious seconds, minutes – even hours when the data load is large and complex. Manual processing is slow, labor-intensive, costly, and prone to time-wasting errors. Even simple things like bad handwriting or lost files can waste time and burden employees with repetition. And this lost time is a direct loss to efficiency and, ultimately, competitiveness.

A fully integrated EDI solution – complete with streamlined and capable automation systems – can speed up business cycles by over 71%. Even small time-saving features – like the fact that you can send outbound invoices without leaving Sage – add up to a massive increase in efficiency. By virtually eliminating human error, and by electronically processing in seconds what might have taken minutes done manually, businesses will save time and ultimately find themselves more efficient and more competitive. That increased competitiveness will save money and increase profits.

Cost Saving

Saving time and eliminating errors saves money. Period. Manual data processing is slow and costs more. It takes away expensive resources, only to devote them to simple and repetitive tasks. Automation can help your business to accomplish more with fewer resources. But

EDI-integrated automation can prevent a lot of that waste by combating errors and reducing order-to-cash cycle time by 20%, which improves your cash flow and makes sellers very happy.

Businesses save money when projects – both simple and complex – have less turnaround time. They save money when critical data can be tracked in real time. They save money when limited resources can be devoted to important, high-level tasks instead of data entry.

Customer Saving

Capable, streamlined automation systems make customers happy. Offering customers a pleasant shopping and service experience is crucial to growing a business. With functional automation in place businesses see a reduction in errors that frustrate and drive away customers – errors in shipping, ordering, or inventory.

But more importantly, using automation frees up employees to service customers directly. Instead of being tied up with entering orders or manually tracking complaints, customer service or sales reps are available to talk with their customers. Really, genuinely talk to them. Automation gives employees the freedom to patiently solve problems or upsell – ultimately creating a stronger, more pleasant customer experience.

And with improved customer experience comes higher brand loyalty. With higher brand loyalty comes higher profits… and so the cycle of EDI automation goes on. Time saved means better customer experience means better profits. Automation can offer your business a beautiful rhythm that will give you a competitive edge in today’s market.

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