Sage 100 – Payroll Tip for v2018 and up

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Here’s a tip to start maximizing the power of your Sage 100 Payroll Module using the Check Reversal Button. If you’ve been filling in and matching field after field this is going to help you reverse checks and direct deposits much more easily. In fact, this button lets you streamline the process down to a few simple clicks!

But enough said, here’s how to use it:

In Payroll 2.x, use the Reverse Check window to select a check or direct deposit to reverse. You can select only checks and direct deposits that were issued during the current quarter and within the selected pay cycle, unless you have installed Payroll 2.19.3 or higher, then you can use one button reversal to reverse a check or direct deposit in a previous period.

  1. Select Payroll Main Menu > Payroll Data Entry.

  2. Select the pay cycle and starting and ending dates for the check or direct deposit that you want to reverse, and click OK.

  3. In Payroll Data Entry, select an employee and on the Main tab, click the Reverse Check button. (The icon is a bright blue U-turn symbol).
  4. Click on the search icon when the pop-up “Reverse Check” appears.
  5. Select the check to be reversed, it will appear on the Reverse Check pop-up.
  6. If Time Track was used on original check, say “Yes” to the Time Track pop up.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Update.

    NOTE: a message will appear on the Payroll Data Entry: *** Check Reversal *** . The check is now reversed exactly as it was entered.
  9. Continue to process Payroll.

Implementing these steps when reversing payroll will speed up processes and save you time. Give it a try and start reversing payroll more efficiently than ever before.

PRO TIP – Payroll v2.18 and later offers the unique ability to upgrade your Payroll module without upgrading your entire system, allowing for more flexibility if you prefer to keep the version of Sage 100 you are currently using for a little while longer. Contact us for more information or to upgrade your software today.

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