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Complete visibility, optimal management

Sage Production Management gives discrete make-to-stock assemblers, manufacturers, and fabricators the tools for end-to-end production process visibility and enables centralized warehouse management.

Benefits for discrete, make-to-stock assemblers, manufacturers, and fabricators

Achieve visibility into the entire manufacturing process

Increase agility by tracking costs in real time

Identify and remove production bottlenecks

Promote customer satisfaction through accurate status updates

Optimize inventory to reduce excess inventory and eliminate stock outs

Customize fields, tables, and scripts to meet the unique needs of your growing business

Eliminating barriers to growth with optimized inventory

With growth comes complexity. As distributors increase capacity, grow their workforce, and expand into new areas of opportunity they can lose visibility into their management processes.

What’s more, data silos can restrict access to strategic information while eroding trust. This isn’t helped by the proliferation of unintegrated management tools and spreadsheets that exist, which can create serious bottlenecks.

Simply, an incomplete picture of inventory and demand makes accurate forecasting next to impossible. The results are missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and increased costs.

But what if there was a better way?

With Sage Production Management, there is.

It not only gives you the tools you need to achieve visibility over your entire process, but by centralizing your warehouse management in a way that is tightly integrated with Sage 100cloud, it also enables you to understand exact costs, item status, and the material quantities required to meet demand.

It’s an integrated warehousing solution that helps you improve accuracy, maintain visibility and optimize your inventory—eliminating the barriers to growth.

Driving growth with
Sage Production Management

To stay competitive you need ways to increase production and reliability, while also reducing costs. But without a holistic, real-time view of your entire production process, achieving this kind of efficiency is almost impossible.

Built on the Sage 100cloud framework, Sage Production Management combines the power of dual grids and batch processes to increase data entry efficiency, with easily customizable fields, tables, and scripts.

With its Visual Integrator function, automated data can be imported from almost any third-party system. And with several specifically designed integrations available, you can gain access to powerful warehouse automation solutions that enable you to capture and analyze real-time production and material-usage data.

What’s more, it’s created specifically for warehouse personnel, meaning your people have access to a user-friendly front end, accessible via Windows desktop or mobile device (iOS or Android).

Optimize your warehousing with Sage Production Management

Track complex costs for increased reporting accuracy

Track costs beyond a simple bill of materials. Support for labor tracking and other job-related attributes – such as overheads, direct AP costs, and status – means you get a complete picture of costs. With accurate, real-time reporting, you can track costs relative to budget and make quick adjustments to inventory, materials, and processes.


Real-time visibility for up-to-date progress reports

Real-time item statuses let you know where you are in the supply process, and enable you to keep your customers up-to-date with the progress of their orders—helping you to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining accurate expectations.

Inventory management optimization to eliminate error risk

Integrated inventory management controls enable you to minimize the risk of errors from exporting sales order data, spreadsheet data, and manually creating purchase orders to ensure that materials are at levels necessary to meet demand. Add Sage Inventory Requirements Planning to combine sales order data with warehouse process data to alert users when ordering is needed.


Why Sage Production Management?

Sage Production Management brings new features to Sage 100cloud’s modern technology stack—introducing primary and secondary data entry grids, batch data entry, user defined fields and tables, custom scripting, and a host of other useful features.

By using Sage Production Management, you have access to:

Dynamic, real-time updating of inventory transactions

Including quantity information as materials are issued to a work order.

New Work Orders from multiple sources such as templates, open work orders, historical work orders, or manual inputs

With complete work order history.

Comprehensive work ticket editing

For the entire life of the ticket.

Complete budget records

For labor, materials, and other direct costs.

One-click purchase orders

For easier outside processing.

Ultimate customization

Which can be tailored to the needs of your business today and tomorrow.

Significant scalability

With optional extensions such as material requirements planning, make to order, enhanced scheduling, advanced product configuration, and much more.

Add Inventory Requirements Planning and Shop Floor

Inventory Requirements Planning for Sage Production Management

  • Eliminate costly production delays
  • Automatically generate purchase orders and work tickets
  • Report requirements by job and vendor

Shop Floor for Sage Production Management

  • Capture real-time production activities
  • Eliminate manual processes, inventory tracking, and paper documentation
  • Gain total shop floor production visibility
  • Detect issues in real-time for rapid, pre-emptive resolutions

"With Sage Production Management, I have perfect control over each machine. I can issue stock easily to a work ticket."

Pam Pohl, Office Manager, Diversified Machine Systems

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