Sage 100 Certified Payroll

Certified payroll reporting without the spreadsheet hassles

Automate your certified payroll data collection and reporting processes with the most trusted certified payroll reporting solution for Sage 100cloud

Sage 100 Payroll for federal or state public construction projects?

WH347 Certified Payroll Report

Meet payroll regulations and certified payroll reporting requirements for public works projects with ease by using the Kissinger Certified Payroll solution for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud. Certified Payroll brings you the important time-saving benefits you need for accurate wage and benefits calculations and timely, correct reporting, whether you use the WH-347 form or something similar.

Struggling with any of these certified payroll problems?

Automate your certified payroll process with seamless Sage 100 integration

The certified payroll and related reports you need

Automated prevailing wage and fringe benefits calculations

Optional Sage 100 Job Cost integration

Automated Certified Payroll Report and Statement of Compliance

Certified Payroll Report

Our solution provides the reports required for U.S. Department of Labor Payroll Form WH-347, plus other reports for unions and fringe benefit administration. The Certified Payroll report enables travel reporting and produces a detailed listing by Job Number and Labor Code of all hours worked and rates paid on reportable jobs.

Statement of Compliance

The second page of the WH-347 includes a statement of compliance where you are certifying that your payroll forms are correct and complete.

Eliminate manual payroll calculations

Replaces spreadsheets and manual data entry with automation of prevailing wage and fringe benefits calculations by job and labor code

Pay the correct wage every time

Contract Maintenance enables you to establish the minimum rates and fringe benefits required. 

Integrate with Job Cost (optional)

When integrated with the Sage 100 Job Cost module, Certified Payroll uses the existing Job Masterfile for all of the necessary job-related information. Certified Payroll also includes a "mini job cost" functionality that can be used instead.


Certified Payroll Features

Statement of Compliance

Versatile setup options allow you to configure the Statement of Compliance form to include additional information as may be required by your reporting agency. Multiple copies of the Certified Payroll Report and individually addressed Statements may be produced when you utilize Job Recipient Maintenance. Exceptions are reported as required by the fringe benefit plan for each job.

Minimum Wage Rate Checking

You are alerted during Payroll Data Entry if the rate paid is less than the minimum rate for the Job and Labor Code being entered. The minimum rate is displayed with an option to change the rate.

Labor Contract Maintenance

A separate labor contract may be maintained for each job, including minimum base rate and fringe benefit rates, cash paid to plans, and cash paid to employees in lieu of fringe benefits, for up to ten fringe benefit categories for each labor code in each job. The number and names of benefit categories may be different for each labor code in each job. A 'copy' button is used to copy fringes from one labor contract to another, streamlining data entry in setups.

Job Masterfile Maintenance

If Payroll is not integrated with Job Cost, Certified Payroll provides a subset of Job Masterfile information in the Certified Payroll Job Masterfile. This file is used to report on job status and to validate Job Numbers during Labor Contract setup and Payroll Data Entry.

Time Entry by Date Worked

Hours worked may be entered for multiple jobs, labor codes and rates for each employee on a day-by-day basis, including time not associated with a job number such as administrative or shop time.

Recipient Maintenance

Lists of contractors and agencies to receive copies of the Certified Payroll Report may be established. You may select a list of recipients and specify the number of copies to be sent to each one for each Certified Job.

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