Union Automation

Union Automation

Designed to automate the payroll calculation and reporting
requirements for union-affiliated companies.

If your company employs union labor, you are well aware of the additional time required to calculate wages, deductions, and fringe benefits and to prepare the necessary reports. The Union Automation enhancement for Sage 100cloud Payroll is designed to automate the payroll calculation and reporting requirements for union affiliated companies. Union Automation gives you the detailed reports you need and brings efficiency to the process of performing union labor calculations. 

Default Pay Rates

Default hourly pay rates can be defined by labor code within each union. 

Default Union Code

Using Employee Maintenance, you can establish a default union for each employee. 

Multiple Unions and Labor Codes

Employees can work in multiple unions and/or multiple labor codes in the same pay period. 

Union Fringe Benefit Codes

You can define Union Fringe Benefit Codes for all unions and satisfy union requirements where deductions and employer contributions are linked to earnings. 

Flexible Fringe Benefit Combinations

Union fringe benefits can be calculated for multiple unions with multiple labor codes in each union with multiple rate and fringe benefit combinations. 

Union Burden

Actual Union Burden Cost Codes can be posted to jobs if the Sage 100cloud Job Cost module is installed. 

Standard Reporting

Reports are available per pay cycle or monthly, in detail and/or summary form. 

Custom Reports

Comes with ODBC (Crystal Reports), Report Master and Visual Integrator Data Dictionaries, providing full integration so you can generate reports with ease.

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