Web Application Integration

Streamline your processes and reduce or eliminate manual data entry.

Kissinger web integration services can help you integrate data collected in web-based applications with your accounting or ERP systems (or other offline applications) to streamline your processes and reduce or eliminate manual data entry. Or, you may need to make your accounting or ERP system data available in a web-based application for employees on the road, customers, and/or vendors.


A client's Sage 100 and web server integration challenge was solved with web application integration:

"We need to see our Sage 100 data in our web applications."

A Kissinger client presented a unique challenge: integrating existing web-based applications with their Sage 100 system. The client had created web portals for production planning, product delivery, and support case management. Because the web server database was not connected to their Sage 100 database, production and support staff lacked key customer account information. This system "disconnect" required a large amount of manual data entry into the portal database. This manual process was cumbersome and error-prone, costing the client time and money.

Kissinger enables web portal access to Sage 100 data.

Kissinger combined the company's Sage 100 and web server programming expertise to deliver a solution that was custom fit to the client's needs. Based on a detailed data and business process analysis, Kissinger enabled the web-server database to exchange key data with the client's Sage 100 database without human intervention.

Client now provides faster, more effective service to customers.

The client's production and support staff now have visibility into their Sage 100 system intelligence within the web portal environment where they perform customer-facing tasks. Knowing the real-time status of customer accounts has helped staff deliver faster and more effective customer service. The Kissinger custom programming solution has also eliminated manual entry of transactional data, reduced errors, and provided the foundation for additional web-based business processes.