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Manufacturer and Distributors ERP

Next Generation ERP at Work: How Manufacturers and Distributors Are Putting ERP Into Action

ERP is a complex beast, but for many manufacturers and distributors, the move can be one that puts them in a position for growth, simplicity, and a better understanding of the business. While yes, you may be skeptical, no it’s not a magic bullet, and yes, there is risk involved,…
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Acumatica 2020 R2

How Acumatica is Putting New Functionality and a Strong Platform at the Forefront in their Latest Release

Modern businesses need modern solutions. Especially in the current business environment, where constant change is the new business reality, every action that you take needs to create value and do so in less time than ever. Whether you’ve watched the constant evolution of your business, your competition, and the industry…
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Modern CFO Challenges

How a Modern CFO Avoids Headaches in Managing Audit, Assurance, and Risk Management

Audits and risk management. Two of the most common challenges faced by finance leaders. On one end, you’re responsible for disclosing information. On the other? Keeping the information under control. Between the two sits the modern CFO, who, with an increasing scope of responsibilities, has to prevent surprises. Following a…
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Built Integration Hybrid ERP

Built For Your Needs: How Add-Ons and Integration Lets You Cloud-Ify a Hybrid ERP

Combining a strong, on-premises foundation with cloud solutions delivers a variety of benefits. Whether that’s an improved product fit, the familiarity that comes from an upgrade within the family of products you already know, or the comfort that comes from keeping your most critical business data in house, companies who…
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ERP Solution

Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis: Four Things to Look for in an ERP Solution

When it comes to evaluating ERP, there are so many things that can go wrong. You could go in without a clear vision. You could go in without support from end users or executives. You could rely on false information from an unscrupulous vendor. You could forge into a decision…
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B2C Service in B2B Distribution

Delivering B2C Service in B2B Distribution: New Customer Expectations

Since Amazon entered the distribution space, they've changed the way the industry works. Now considered one of the five largest distributors in the world—less than a decade after launching their B2B distribution platform—the ecommerce, media, and cloud computing giant is coming for you. But what does this mean? More competition,…
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Strong Foundation

A Strong Foundation, a Seamless Connection, and a Single Source of Truth: Finding a Sweet Spot in the Hybrid Cloud

As more companies look to work faster, gain more control, and understand their business, they often seek out a core solution built to handle their needs. However, when seeking out a platform, they are often presented with a dichotomy—cloud OR on-premises. But as with all things in life, the reality…
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Flexible Strategy 2021

Planning to Rebound, Planning to Grow: Building out a Flexible Strategy for 2021

2020 has already shown us that nothing is certain. However, knowing where you stand, being ready and able to pivot, and keeping your eyes fixed on the future can put you on a path for success even in uncertainty. Bounce Back? Or Bounce Forward? Business will get back to normal,…
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Commoditization in Distribution

Understanding the Threat of Commoditization in Distribution

Distribution is a tough industry. Always competitive, always evolving, it’s no longer simply building relationships with customers and suppliers and reaping the rewards. Today’s distribution landscape is less relationship-driven and more results-driven than ever. Driven in part by the entrance of Amazon Business, in part by technological innovation, and in…
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