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Challenges Manufactures Distributors

Four Ever-Present Challenges for Manufacturers and Distributors

The COVID-19 outbreak has put a variety of challenges on the supply chain. But for many distributors and manufacturers, this was just one in a long string of complications and challenges that exist in the current market. As highlighted in a recent IDG report, the market has been increasing in…
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What's new in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2 and Kissinger Enhancement Compatibility

What’s New in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2 and Kissinger Enhancement Compatibility

Get the details on the Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2 update for legislation related to COVID-19, international address support and a few other improvements, as well as information on Kissinger enhancement software compatibility.
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Business Resilience

Business Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World

Are you ready for the return to work? Whether it’s returning from limited operations to full operations or reopening factories, warehouses, or offices, the thought of returning to a semblance of normalcy may be exciting—but challenges may persist. This according to a recent survey from APQC, who found that despite…
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Cloud ERP Business Growth

Why Cloud ERP is Built for Business Growth

For decades, your selection of ERP started not with the solutions able to deliver on your business needs—but the ones that met your business size. Often referred to as the ERP tier system, this system was great at giving global enterprises a list of options that could work and even…
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Competitive Distribution Landscape

Challenges and Opportunities in an Increasingly Competitive Distribution Landscape

Distribution is competitive, and as the market tightens, it will become harder and harder to keep the relationships you spent years or decades to build. The commoditization of distribution has created a landscape controlled by the companies who can move fast, maintain or reduce costs, and continue to meet their…
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3 steps digital transformation

Three Early Steps to Digital Transformation

What’s the best way to effect a digital transformation (DX) in your business? There is no single answer, of course, because each business’s journey is unique. Each industry has its own distinct competitive dynamics and requirements for winning. However, it is still possible to identify the key success factors inherent…
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Stay Productive Remote Workforce

How to Stay Productive with a Remote Workforce

There’s been a humorous meme making the rounds on social media depicting a corporate Zoom meeting, with the caption reading, “Company stuck in infinite doom loop of ‘No, you go ahead.’” It’s funny, but in reality, getting from a traditional work landscape to a virtual one has required employees and…
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Journey to the Cloud

Understanding the Many Routes On Your “Journey to the Cloud”

IT thought leaders sometimes speak of the “journey to the cloud.” Like any journey, there are many ways to get where you’re going. The same goes for your growing business’ “journey to ERP.” Different vehicles, different paths, and different stops along the way. Destinations Matter, But You Have to Understand…
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SMB Distribution ERP

What SMB Companies Should Know About Distribution ERP

Small-to-medium-sized distribution businesses (SMBs) often struggled with software in the past. They either didn’t have the right applications or couldn’t afford them. They might have lacked the personnel to maintain systems. Or, they had obsolete software that would have been painful to replace. These problems are less operative today. Now,…
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