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Sage 100 – Payroll Tip for v2018 and up

Here's a tip to start maximizing the power of your Sage 100 Payroll Module using the Check Reversal Button. If you've been filling in and matching field after field this is going to help you reverse checks and direct deposits much more easily. In fact, this button lets you streamline…
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Woman using online credit card payment

Why use Paya (Sage Payment Solutions) for Sage 100?

As you know, giving customers more options for how they can pay for your products and services is a good thing. More payment options means it's easier and more convenient for people to buy from you, and when that happens, customers are more satisfied and your sales increase. One way…
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Above and Beyond Software

Why expertise is the most critical component of any ERP. Have you ever purchased something, unpacked it, and said, “I know how to work this” – then promptly thrown away the instructions? That happened to me just the other week with a new vacuum cleaner. I tossed those instructions without…
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What to Ask Website Integration Vendors

When you’re planning a new website integration project, you’re likely to have a lot of questions and concerns on your mind. You may be considering what methods to use, what your options are, and how the integration will work. You might be thinking about how your customers and prospects will…
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Top 5 Reasons Sage Resellers Love EDI Advantage

If you’ve been around the Sage 100 scene for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard EDI Advantage or “Kissinger EDI” mentioned when the topic of Sage 100 EDI integration comes up. As an early entrant in the channel, EDI Advantage was introduced in the 1990’s and the…
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