Business Intelligence

Knowledge is Power

Learn what tools you need, and how to use them, to gain accurate
and timely insights into your business

What It Is

The ability to make decisions based on timely and accurate data

The demands placed on your business are moving at a faster pace every day. On top of it, the amount of information everyone is expected to sift through is growing by leaps and bounds, and your company does not have the resources to continually organize and update data into meaningful reports for every team member. In fact, 47% of midsized enterprises agree that too many decisions are based on inaccurate or incomplete data, and 90% of business decision-makers at midsized companies don’t always have information available when they need it. This results in late decisions based on inaccurate data. Business intelligence eliminates these blind spots with meaningful reports and insights.

Its Benefits

Make better decisions. Faster.

Take Action Through Analytics

Get immediate access to insightful information that you can view any way you choose. While dashboards and KPIs give you a pulse of your business, drill-down capabilities allow you to see the data that makes up the numbers.

Gain Control and Insight

Streamline your efforts with accurate, Excel-based reports containing data that is pulled straight from your Sage business management solution. With the ability to consolidate your data from multiple sources, you get a single version of the truth with your own trusted information.

Suggested Solutions

Overcome data overload and make more effective decisions based on detailed data of your business and customers.

Reduce forecasting time, optimize inventory investment decisions, and achieve target fill rates with this affordable cloud solution.

Real Customers. Real Results.

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