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What We Do

Kissinger Associates is one of the most trusted business software and consulting partners in North America. Our Business Consultants bring added value to clients’ software purchases in the form of software installation, training, and support. In addition, our Consultants provide business operations consulting to help customers maximize their technology investments.

Our Story

Kissinger Associates was founded in 1985 by Darryl Kissinger as a business systems consulting company serving Southeastern PA. Within a few years, the company recognized the opportunity to grow regionally and then to serve a national market.

In the early years, we provided lots of customization and programming services to small companies that were often looking to take advantage of efficient and relatively inexpensive Unix systems to automate business activity.

As Windows platforms became dominant and applications became more and more flexible and powerful, customers needed different kinds of services. These changing needs drove our business focus to evolve away from custom programming (although we're seeing a resurgence today in the form of web application integration) toward consulting and training services designed to help customers harness the built-in power and flexibility of today's software solutions.

Our Core Values

At Kissinger, our word is our bond. We deal honestly with, and fulfill our promises to our colleagues, customers, and business partners. Simply put, we do what we say we will do.

At Kissinger, we understand that human relationships are at the heart of business. We care for and value our relationships with our colleagues, customers, and business partners.

Hard Work
At Kissinger, we do not think that anyone owes us a living. Rather, we believe that through hard work and the diligent application of our knowledge and skill, we can help customers solve problems and build their businesses and create value for our employees and shareholders. Our success comes from yours.

At Kissinger, we believe that maintaining the highest level of technical competence is essential to our success and the success of our customers. We do what we do better than anyone else.

At Kissinger, we follow through on our commitments, we get things done on time, and we do them right the first time. In short, we're reliable.

Personal Responsibility
At Kissinger, we realize we are all free to choose our behaviors, our words, and our actions and we understand that we are all responsible for our own motivation, success, and happiness.

Friendly Service
Simply being knowledgeable is not enough. We at Kissinger understand how friendly service can make all the difference and go to great lengths to make this a hallmark of our company. We take great pride in our ability to grow relationships through fun and friendly service.

When faced with challenges, we will search for the best possible solution for our customers.

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