Data Migration

Get your data where it needs to be. Fast and error free data migration
from a team that has done hundreds of migrations.

Integrated solutions can bring many advantages to your business. When data flows easily between your business software applications, your staff can focus on the customer instead of worrying about how to get the right information from one place to another. When systems are integrated, business just seems to run more smoothly.

Migration of Data from Your "Old" System
When you implement new business management software to replace the system you used previously, you may wish to retain accumulated business data.

Integration with Other Business Applications
If you use other business applications, such as industry-specific software solutions or other third party software products, you may wish to integrate data between these products and your ERP system. Kissinger can help you accomplish this integration using tools such as:

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Visual Integrator for Sage 100 (MAS 90/200)
  • And others...

Web Application Integration
Kissinger web integration services can help you integrate data collected in web-based applications with your accounting or ERP systems (or other offline applications) to streamline your processes and reduce or eliminate manual data entry. Learn more about web application integration services.

Other Services

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