Fixed Asset Management

Don’t cross your fingers and hope your Assets are being tracked correctly

Control, track, and record every change that occurs during an asset's lifetime.

What It Is

Track the location, quantity, condition, and the depreciation of every asset.

In the world of accounting, the savings potential of improved fixed asset management is often overlooked. It’s difficult to find the time and tools to devote the attention to fixed assets that they deserve. Yet assets like land, buildings, transportation, and manufacturing equipment represent the largest investments most companies make. Fixed assets management is an accounting process that seeks to solve this by accurately tracking financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence. Sound fixed asset management can yield substantial tax savings in depreciation deductions. Conversely, suboptimal fixed asset practices can threaten the accuracy of financial reports and negatively impact your bottom line.

Its Benefits

Take the chaos out of fixed asset management

Simplified asset tracking

Free yourself from spreadsheet risks and eliminate the discrepancies, manual effort, and lack of control that plague fixed assets management.

Build a scalable solution

Be ready for today and prepared for tomorrow. Design and implement a fixed asset management solution that will grow with your business.

Manage Depreciation

Eliminate complicated and error prone spreadsheets. Save time and money managing your fixed assets using the advanced depreciation calculation engines.

Eliminate “ghost” assets

Missing, stolen, or unaccounted for assets are a proven bane to companies across the world. Say goodbye once and for all to ghost assets.

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