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Organizations in the manufacturing space face a constant stream of challenges. From outsourcing to increased demand for customization, being able to change and evolve with customer needs and market trends is a necessity. No matter how you make it, no matter who you serve, and no matter how many steps precede or follow in the value chain, it’s on you to ensure consistent, reliable, and timely solutions to customer needs. 

To deliver this accuracy, efficiency, and quality, you need to be in constant control—not only in processes, but in the way you manage money. Constant improvement is the name of the game, and with the stakes as high as they are, you can’t afford to fall behind. We help our customers achieve critical business area impact by implementing solutions that provide visibility across the organization, access to business data in one place, and thorough business intelligence and data analytics for informed decision-making. 

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When constant improvement is the goal, it’s important to rid yourself of the things that stand in the way. Manufacturers have relied on solutions built to handle their needs for the better part of the last century, turning to materials requirements planning in the 60s and enterprise resource planning after that.

But the market for manufacturing ERP has evolved alongside the needs of the manufacturing community. Manufacturing needs are unique, and if you’re in the market for a solution designed to handle the challenges, the right product and partner makes all the difference.

At Kissinger Associates, we have spent decades in the manufacturing space, customizing and configuring solutions for the changing needs of our client base. Whether you’re in the market for a connected and familiar hybrid solution or a true cloud product, our track record is unmatched.

We understand the challenges you face and specialize in customizing, implementing, and training users on two solutions built to handle your needs: Sage 100cloud and Acumatica. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, no matter your size, these two solutions are designed to meet you where you are and put you in a position to achieve your goals.

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Manufacturing ERP Built in the Cloud

Those in the manufacturing industry looking to go all-in on the cloud are turning to Acumatica more frequently than ever before. Designed to streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide anytime, anywhere access, Acumatica delivers the functionality you need to control manufacturing processes in office or on the go.

Acumatica delivers a complete Cloud ERP solution for Manufacturing, Financial Management, Inventory, CRM, and more. Built in the cloud, Acumatica provides you deployment flexibility, security, and automation, as well as the ever-evolving functionality that the cloud is known for. Add this functionality to the flexible resource-based pricing model, and manufacturers are growing without growing pains.

Whether you’re simply looking for an automated manufacturing management solution connected with ERP or you want to add growth-focused modules like CRM, HR, business intelligence, and more, Acumatica delivers.

Sage 100cloud

Hybrid ERP for the Modern Manufacturer

One of the most trusted names in the manufacturing industry, Sage has been a reliable and familiar product for decades. Delivering on their longstanding promise of accessible, innovative, and unified business operations, Sage 100cloud (formerly MAS 90/200) is a complete solution for small and medium companies that need to take control of manufacturing processes, as well as accounting, inventory, distribution, and more. 

Providing the control and reliability you need from an in-house, on-premises solution, Sage 100cloud offers cloud-enabled connectors and integrations that keep your people in the know—whenever and wherever.

Whether you do simple assembly, repetitive production, or customized fabrication, Sage 100cloud for Manufacturing combines the functionality you need with the innovation you deserve.

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