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Capture all the benefits of EDI for your business

Open new markets, grow your profit, and increase inventory velocity with affordable, automatic, and all in Sage 100cloud EDI.

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Eliminates unnecessary EDI costs and network requirements

Eliminates errors and increases order fulfillment speed and accuracy

Frees your resources with EDI automation inside Sage 100cloud

Struggling with any of these EDI problems?

EDI Advantage solves Sage 100 EDI integration.

EDI Advantage is an EDI integration powerhouse for Sage 100cloud that turns EDI requirements into competitive advantages by providing highly-responsive trading partner compliance (and as much automation as you desire) from within your familiar Sage 100 environment.

EDI Advantage leverages your investment in Sage 100 by offering you the ability to trigger EDI events when standard Sage 100 processing is performed. Smart automation and sophisticated setup options relieve your company of the need to apply intensive resources to the management of EDI processing and give you the means to delight your largest customers. Keep the orders coming in and keep your EDI documents and shipments flowing out, accurately and on time, with EDI Advantage.

"...the orders flow right into Sage 100..."

Because the orders flow right into Sage 100 without any hands touching it, there is nothing to get lost. When I was assigned EDI management responsibilities, I thought the EDI Advantage modules were part of Sage 100. These modules don’t look or feel like third party products – the EDI products look exactly like Sage 100!

Deann Palacio, Food For Life

Already using an integrated EDI solution?

EDI Advantage may significantly reduce your EDI costs.

Most businesses begin using EDI to enable sales opportunities, and many find that trading partner requirements tax their resources and their ability to provide what customers need. For relief, they might turn to an EDI communications provider (sometimes called a network or clearinghouse), for help, and some communications providers also offer ERP system integration. But what many Sage 100 users in this situation soon find is that this arrangement becomes more and more beneficial for the communications provider, and less and less beneficial for them as their use of EDI increases. 

Making the switch to EDI Advantage can result in dramatic savings month after month because EDI Advantage:

"The process began to make sense when I started to talk to Kissinger."

“The process began to make sense when I started to talk to Kissinger. What I learned was…there are three ways to transmit this information. Not paying transaction fees by using, instead of a VAN, using an AS2 connection or using FTP seemed to be the best bet, which is what marries well with Sage 100. This is a product Kissinger has been involved in for many years. We were impressed with that.

Matt Perfetti, Seagroatt Riccardi, Ltd.

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Affordable. Automatic. All in Sage 100cloud.

Even more reasons to choose EDI Advantage.

Easy Access to EDI Info

Your Sage 100 users have information at their fingertips anytime they are in the Sage 100 system. Plus, EDI information is backed up automatically along with your Sage 100 backups, making data recovery a simpler process.

Happy Users

Users adopt the system more easily and feel comfortable using it because it looks, feels, and works like Sage 100.

Highly-Rated Support

“Kissinger’s EDI support team was incredibly helpful, as always, in resolving our issue. I cannot think of a time when they did not remedy an issue we were having or clearly answer a question we might have regarding EDI. I enjoy working with them and find them to be very knowledgeable.” Read more reviews

Trading Partners

EDI Advantage customers do business with an extensive—and growing—list of trading partners. From AAFES to Zulily, EDI Advantage customers have traded with thousands of different trading partners, and the list continues to grow as more Sage 100cloud users discover the power and convenience of EDI Advantage.

Customer Industries

The versatility of EDI Advantage is apparent in the wide range of industries represented by EDI Advantage customers. 

  • Consumer Products Design & Manufacturing
  • Video Game Publishing
  • Hunting, Fishing, and Adventure Travel
  • Premium Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Paintball Products & Accessories
    …and many more

Gold Developer Status

Kissinger is proud to be a Gold Level Sage Development Partner. The Gold Level is a select tier for established development partners who follow Sage best practices for product development, customer service, and support. Participation as a Gold Development Partner requires product certification through an independent testing company.

Choose EDI Advantage modules you need today.

The simplest EDI Advantage systems include Document Partner and Sales Partner. This configuration is a good fit when trading partners do not require ASNs or compliance labels. Many customers implement systems that include Document Partner, Sales Partner, and ASN Partner—the most common EDI Advantage configuration.  The EDI documents listed here represent the most frequently requested documents. Many other EDI documents can be implemented with EDI Advantage.

Document Partner

Provides powerful translation and communications functions for your EDI Advantage system.

Translates and communications all inbound documents

Translates and communications all outbound documents

Sales Partner

Automatically integrates EDI purchase orders received from trading partners and produces EDI invoices to send back as a result of standard Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud processing steps.

850 Purchase Order
875 Grocery Purchase Order
754 Routing Instructions
816 Store Lists
852 Product Activity Data
860 PO Change Request
862 Ship Schedules

810 Invoice
880 Grocery Invoice
753 Routing Request
832 Price/Sales Catalog
846 Inventory Advice
855 PO Acknowledgment
865 PO Change Acknowledgment
870 Order Status Report

ASN Partner

Complex ASNs are difficult for most solutions to automate. EDI Advantage provides sophisticated Advance Ship Notice (ASN) and compliance label automation, saving you from time-consuming, error-prone, and redundant manual data entry.

856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
GS1-128 Compliance Label
ASN Packing Slips
(branded packing slips available)

Purchasing Partner

Automates the EDI purchasing cycle for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud users purchasing goods or raw materials from suppliers. Automatically generates EDI purchase orders and integrates EDI invoices sent by trading partners.

810 Invoice
880 Grocery Invoice

850 Purchase Order
875 Grocery Purchase Order

Warehouse Partner

Automates the exchange of transactions with EDI-enabled warehouse locations, whether company-owned or operated by a third party (3PL).

945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

940 Warehouse Shipping Order

Mapping Partner

Provides the ability to create and modify trading partner maps. Add processing features to maps or adjust mapping to respond to trading partner requests.

Mapping access available based on your requirements

Mapping access available based on your requirements

"We definitely made the right choice."

The other guys did demos for us, but we just thought the process with EDI Advantage was simpler, and it really has been great. It just works the way it’s supposed to work. We needed it to be an easy process for our customer service person to use, and we wanted a smooth integration into sales order. Those were the two keys and EDI Advantage delivers on both. And working with Kissinger is great – they go above and beyond, and they’re always there to help us out when we need something. We definitely made the right choice.”

Neal Keeter, Classical Elements, LLC

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