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A New ERP System Doesn’t Have to Slow Your Schedule—or Your Business

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Your distribution business is ready to take the next leap forward. But what about your ERP system?

Finding the right ERP for distribution companies like yours is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you want to take advantage of innovations such as mobile functionality and the Internet of Things (IoT). On the other hand, choosing a new system from a crowded field of competitors can seem like a daunting task—but it shouldn’t be.

Use this new white paper to figure out what’s most important to your business—and then choose a system that carries you into a future of profitable growth.

In “A new ERP System doesn’t have to slow your schedule—or your business,” you’ll learn:

  • Why the search for a new system begins with identify the pros and cons of your current system.
  • Why finding the right system is irrelevant if you choose the wrong implementation strategy.
  • What it takes for an ERP system to meet the needs of a growing distributor.
  • Why a phased implementation may be ideal for your mid-sized business .
  • Where distributors and manufacturers can find the most helpful cloud ERP resources online.

This concise white paper is an ideal overview of ERP for distribution companies like yours. Download it now.

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