Selling in the Age of Social Distancing

Selling Social Distancing

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The coronavirus pandemic is teaching American business a potentially painful lesson. If you are not set up for remote commercial interactions, you’re probably going to be in trouble. With millions of people working from home and practicing “social distancing,” it’s imperative to have both robust ecommerce capabilities as well as remote work for your employees. We enable these two critical requirements with Sage 100cloud ERP and Web-Stor for ecommerce.

This is not about making money during a national crisis. Of course, everyone wants to stay in business, but in reality, the current situation is a lot more serious: the livelihoods of millions of people are at stake. Companies that can continue to function, retaining employees and servicing customers, will be seen as positive and responsible.

Transformative Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a mature form of business, but the technological underpinnings of ecommerce continue to evolve. There can be big differences in the efficiency and profitability of an ecommerce business, depending on the technologies used to make it happen. The pressures of the coronavirus pandemic make these issues plain. Ecommerce today must work seamlessly even if the people operating it are not on site. This is a matter of software.

Our Web-Stor product provides Sage 100 eCommerce integration for your storefront. Web-Stor is more than a connector, however. It’s a comprehensive, turnkey eCommerce solution. We can work with you to tailor it to your unique ecommerce needs. Our services span website design, carts and configuration as well as ERP integration.

Having the ecommerce front end integrated with ERP makes the ecommerce operation run smoothly and efficiently. Orders originating in the ecommerce storefront flow automatically to warehouse and inventory management modules. The people responsible for fulfilling and shipping ecommerce orders receive their instructions directly from the Web-Stor system. The financial transaction details are entered automatically into the Sage accounting and finance system.

There is no manual re-entry of data required to take an ecommerce order from inception to completion. This cuts down on errors and keeps the amount of employee time involvement in the order to a minimum.

The flexibility of the system’s design and interface even lets users work remotely while staying connected—a necessity for many companies during the pandemic. The Sage 100cloud hosting option means you don’t have to have IT people on site to manage the solution, either. That’s more people who can stay safe during the social isolation period.

Web-Stor then provides rich data on your ecommerce business. You get unparalleled visibility into how your ecommerce store front is working, or not working. You can visualize data and generate reports on customer order details, conversion rates, product stocks, abandoned carts, average cart values and visits.

We have worked with many companies on the implementation of ecommerce using Web-Stor and Sage. To learn more about how this software can keep your business thriving, even in these difficult times, contact us for a free consultation and demo.

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