Paya Payments Processing

Built-in payments. Better in every way.

Activating the payment features built into your ERP system, along with connected payment solutions, provides real-time cash-flow visibility, speeds remit times, and simplifies your back office.

Accept payments anywhere.

No matter how customers pay, Paya makes it quick and easy for them and for you. Accept a credit card payment on an invoice, sell on the go from a mobile device, take payments over the phone or on your website with integration to many leading e-commerce shopping carts.

Get time back in your day.

Spend more time doing what you love. Let Paya handle the movement of your transaction data automatically. Paya’s integrated payment solution automatically posts payments to invoices and updates your general ledger, reducing errors while saving you time and money.

Let customers pay as they please.

Paya gives you the freedom to accept all the payment types you and your customers want-credit, debit, checks, ACH, gift cards, and more.

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Integrates with:

Paya's integration with Acumatica is quick and seamless. Users enjoy these features:

  • Automatically mark invoices as paid
  • Email payment reminders
  • Collect payments for unpaid orders
  • Save multiple credit cards for each customer
  • Create, manage and delete tokens for saved customer card details
  • Accept cash payments without having to store customer information
  • Input new card information directly from the Payment and Application screen
  • Ability to capture amounts less or more than the original authorized amount

Paya delivers solutions inside the Acumatica Customer Portal that other providers cannot.

  • Accept payments via the Acumatica Customer Portal: Accept Credit, Debit, or ACH seamlessly right inside the customer portal
  • Recurring Billing: Setup customizable payment schedules, utilize automated,
    recurring billing functionality and create and email transaction receipts
  • Level 2 and Level 3: Qualify transactions at the lowest interchange rates

Paya's Sage 100 integration: get paid faster and simplify account reconciliation

  • Paya’s Sage-certified integrated credit card solution. Paya is the only processor whose integrated credit card solution is certified by Sage.

  • Paya’s Sage-recognized PCI compliance reputation. Paya is the only Sage processor listed on the PCI website.

  • Account Updater 2.0. Automatically updates stored consumer credit card information.

  • Same Day Underwriting. Start processing faster.

  • Next Day Funding. Rapid batch processing accelerates cash flow.

  • Integrated ACH Processing. Built-in ACH enables faster customer payment cycles.
  • Access to Industry Experts. Collaborate with Paya’s team of industry experts to help drive growth.

  • Flexible Pricing Options. Flat rate, interchange pass through, cost plus, and tiered.

  • Automatic Level 3 Data Enrichment. Helps qualify for lower processing rates.

  • Paya’s Advanced Fraud Protection. Our proprietary fraud database and tokenization of transaction data help to minimize fraud.

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