ACH Direct

ACH Direct

The most flexible and feature-rich Direct Deposit Interface
for Sage 100cloud Payroll module users.

With more included features than any other direct deposit solution for Sage 100cloud, ACH Direct is the key to preparing Payroll direct deposits for processing by the world-wide network of financial institutions. When used in conjunction with the Payroll module and any popular communications package, ACH Direct provides the ability to forward direct deposit transactions to your bank(s) using a variety of customizable options. ACH Direct creates a NACHA or customized file of deposits for all employees requesting direct deposit. While the standard Payroll module generates registers that detail the transactions, ACH Direct is required to prepare transmissions for your financial institutions. 

Supports Standard NACHA Format

ACH Direct supports the standard NACHA-compliant format used by financial institutions, by conforming to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) Rules and Regulations. 

Multiple Company Transaction Processing

ACH Direct accommodates different checking account debit entries for each company, combines transactions for multiple companies into a single transmission file, and handles asynchronous payroll cycles. 

Edit Direct Deposit Data

ACH Direct gives you the ability to remove one or more employee records from the direct deposit file, even after payroll has been updated. Use this feature to effortlessly change direct deposit data to correct payroll data entry oversights or last minute employee method of payment requests. 

Flexible Output Options

ACH Direct allows you to route the output files to your financial institution(s) using a variety of options, including: modem communications, diskette transfer, and printed report creation. ACH Direct’s user-definable output options allow you to tailor each method to your specific needs. 

Multiple-Bank Options (Options by Bank Code)

ACH Direct enables multiple bank direct deposit processing by accommodating:

  • Different ACH Direct option entries for multiple banks
  • One default ACH Direct option entry for simple single bank installations
  • Auto-determination of options based on the payroll batch’s bank

Pre-Notes, Audit Reports and Other Important Details

In addition to the list of features above, ACH Direct provides you with the ability to process pre-notes (for company checking accounts as well as individual checking accounts), change the status of pre-notes for ranges of employees, include addenda records, and produce a detailed audit report. 

ACH Direct Does Not Modify Standard Programs

ACH Direct can be easily combined with modifications to your Sage 100cloud ERP system because it does not modify any of your standard Sage 100cloud programs, saving you time and money.

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